Altimetro Audible Solo II (Usado) $177 USD


The Solo II is the industry standard for freefall audible altimeters.


All new software and design to make the world’s favorite audible altimeter even easier to use with the quality construction and accuracy you have come to expect from Larsen & Brusgaard.

It has 3 selectable freefall warning altitudes. The 1st and 2nd warnings have different pulsating tones. The 3rd warning is a high-pitched siren.


The Solo II is water-resistant and can be set on the ground or in the aircraft.


The SOLO II™ is an extremely accurate audible altimeter. Through years of research, L&B has built an audible altimeter that is extremely reliable and accurate. L&B makes it easy for you!


Altimetro Audible Solo II

  • Durable rubberized coating
  • Upgraded circuit board & sensor
  • Super-thin, ergonomic, comfortable, curved design
  • 3 selectable freefall warning altitudes
  • 1st and 2nd warnings: Different pulsating tones
  • 3rd warning: High pitched siren
  • Choice of 1, 2 or 3 warnings
  • Easy and quick to set on the ground or in the aircraft
  • Altitude selection interval: 500 Ft.
  • On/off mode
  • Built-in mounting holes; fits any headgear, inside or outside
  • Actual Dimensions: 2 3/16” x 1 5/8” x 3/8” [56 x 41 x 11 mm]
  • Long lasting, easy to find batteries
  • Larsen & Brusgaard recommends: 2- RENATA CR-2325, 3 Volt batteries


by Roman Alba

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