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Pilots and Jumpers:

Balloonists and Parachutists must comply with all the appropriate CAA and BPA rules as found in the BPA Operations Manual.

It is important that the Parachutists are dropped so that they may land on a Parachute Landing Area (PLA) which is a Notified Parachute Site run by a Chief Club Instructor holding a CAA Parachuting Permission. Or the Drop Zone is the subject of a previously submitted Parachute Display Notification applied for by a BPA Registered Parachute Display Team, the Team Leader holding the CAA Parachuting Permission.


DOCUMENTS: Check that all parachutists have their reserve parachutes in date. A packing card confirms that the parachute has been packed within the last 6 months and that they are 'B' Certificate (Red) holders.

BRIEFING: With the basket in the upright position the jumpers should rehearse their exit. They should depart from the `cleanest' side of the basket - away from rip/dump and crown lines. If necessary rig the balloon to keep all control lines on one side.

THE JUMP: Do not allow jumpers to depart below 2500 feet AGL. (Note terrain height before the drop and inform jumpers).Do not drop jumpers near large bodies of water/high tension power wires etc. Discuss the exit point with jumpers and make sure everyone is happy with the spot and thought able to land on the DZ.The Balloon should be in the descent and only one jumper to leave at a time if it is your first flight with parachutists.Ensure jumper is clear of wires/cables etc. prior to jumping.Form 108C

Jumpers DOCUMENTS: Check that your Pilot is authorised to drop parachutists.

BRIEFING: Rehearse your exit and departure order. The easiest way o leave a balloon is to stand on the edge of the basket holding on to the burner frame.

THE JUMP: Check the spot with the Pilot and note the height of the ground below. Ensure that you are not jumping at less than 2500 feet above ground level.Move into the jump position at the Pilots instruction taking care not to snag the lines, fuel hoses or other equipment. Do not leave the basket until cleared to do so by the Pilot.Do not deploy your parachute immediately after leaving the basket - the slow fall rate may cause the parachute to behave unpredictably.(Issue 3, Feb 2000).

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